Former deputy Mikalai Skutau is released

A former deputy of the House of Representatives Mikalai Skutau was released on December 21. He was amnestied. A coordinator of the steering committee protecting the rights of prisoners “Over the barrier” Tsimafei Dranchuk has informed about it. Mikalai Skutau was sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment and confiscation of his property in 2005.
The decision on the case of the former Member of Parliament was taken by the Supreme Court of Belarus on August 12. The Office of Public Prosecutor asked to imprison Skutau for 12 years. The former Member of Parliament was returned guilty according to two articles of the Criminal Code – illegal business (being a deputy he participated in the administration of a construction company formally headed by his son) and illegal appropriation of property.

The third accusation was accepting bribes. It was lifted from the accused by the Supreme Court. The convict did not agree on any of the accusations. In his last comment he called them “unfair and godless”.