Female university students hunt for Minsk-based husbands to avoid mandatory job assignments


A female university graduate can be saved from a job in the middle of nowhere if she gets married to a Minsk-based policeman, military officer, diplomat or a KGB agent, under the regulation on mandatory assignment of university graduates. But, resourceful students find new options as well.
Another option requires to find a husband who is a resident of Minsk with an appartment and the so called three-party agreement.

Hanna, a student at the Institute of Journalism at the Belarus State University, was supposed to be sent back to the periphery on a mandatory assignment.

Hanna: “My husband is not a police officer or a KGB agent. It is sufficient for your husband to have a permanent residence and registration in Minsk and lodging. Besides, I had to get a written official statement that he lives and works in Minsk. Then, you have to sign a three-party agreement. I went to the editor of the district newspaper who referred me to the university, and he wrote a paper, saying he did not object to releasing me since I got married”.

This is the how she remained in the capital.