Families of Malaysia Boeing crash victims to sue Ukraine


Lawyer Elmar Gimula representing the interests of three German families has told it to German mass media, UNIAN reports. “Every state is responsible for its air space if it is open for flights,” he said. If a state is unable to guarantee safety in its airspace, it must be closed. It was not done which resulted in the crash of the MH17 flight. Ukraine caused this loss of life by its actions, the lawyer believes. He considers it to be a violation of the human rights guaranteed by international norms.

The plaintiffs will demand huge compensations – about a million euro for every victim. The families received 5 thousand euro from Malaysia Airlines, the lawyer said.  Relatives of every victim are also going to receive 50 thousand euro.

A passenger Boeing belonging to Malaysia Airlines was shot down in Donetsk Oblast on July 17. 298 people died in the air crash. The plane was taken down by pro-Russia separatists, Ukraine and the West believe. Moscow blames Kiev for the crash.

Photo: Reuters