EU may add relatives of Belarus officials to the non-grata list


The list of Belarusian persona non-grata that are banned from entering the EU member states can be expanded with the relatives of the officials on the list. According to the web-based magazine Belarus Partisan, the document is being drafted following several publications in the independent Belarusian media. In August, Narodnaya Volya published two articles about the childrem of the Belarusian high-ranking officials who work, study or have their holidays in the West.

These stories were translated into Dutch and forwarded to the Dutch members of the European Parliament. The parliamentarians initiated the issue of the children of the Belarusian officials.

Zakhar Navumau (the son of the interior minister) works as a diplomat in Geneva. Andrei Sukharenka, the son of the former KGB chairman) serves as the first secretary at the Belarusian mission at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.