Entrepreneurs protest in Minsk: meeting and manifestation

Private entrepreneurs gathered in Minsk October Square on Sunday. They are trying to make the government abolish decree #222 that had made it impossible to sell cheap goods acquired at Russian wholesale bases. Suppliers cannot give the necessary certificates to Belarusians and it means that businessmen will have problems at home. Entrepreneurs do not want to sell Belarusian goods because they are too expensive and the range of goods is poor.


Most entrepreneurs stopped working when the decree came into force on January 1. There are many empty stalls and pavilions in markets and shopping centres now.

Entrepreneurs organized two protest actions in Minsk earlier – on February 15 and 22 (Mondays). Entrepreneurs and opposition leaders decided to hold the third action on Sunday when markets and shopping centres were working to make empty pavilions more noticeable.

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Опубликовано Radio Svaboda 28 февраля 2016 г.