Employee of company importing “Sadochok” left work two weeks before detention

“Vladimport” company notes that Alyaksandr Koryk suspected of being connected with Minsk explosion of July 4 has not been working for them for several weeks.
"Vladimport": He had not been working for us for two weeks before the detention. He decided to leave. Why do people leave? He probably found another job or something… There are different reasons for leaving. He must have found some other job.

Let us remind you that 21-year-old A.Koryk came to the police himself. He informed that some inadequate young men asked him for cigarettes and told him to leave Minsk as they would blow it up a few days before the explosion.

A.Koryk informed the police about it. The guy was summoned for interrogation afterwards. He was detained on September 30 and sent to the Isolation Centre in Akrestsina Street.

“Vladimport” informed ERB that A.Koryk was from Byarezinski District of Minsk Region and that his mother lived there.