Election of every parliamentarian to cost 106 thousand dollars

As ERB found out, the sum of money spent on the election of deputies will be equal to the amount of money spent on the last presidential campaign. The Central Election commission announced the date of the election of deputies of the House of Representatives – September 28. The head of the Central Election Commission Lidziya Yarmoshyna told ERB that about 25 billion rubles would be allocated for the campaign. It is almost the same as the sum of money spent during the last presidential election.

“To be precise, it is about 24.6 billion rubles. It equals our usual expenses on election campaigns. In general, the sum can be compared to that spent during the presidential election”.

110 candidates will be elected deputies of the House of Representatives. It turns out that election of every deputy will cost about 227 million rubles or 106 thousand dollars.

Photo by — bymedia.net