Dzyanіs Dzyanіsau tries to vindicate himself and promises to return money


Today is the first time Dzynis Dzyanisau has made a response concerning the scandal connected with the money collected to pay a political prisoner out of pawn. The money disappeared. The former political prisoner sent a letter to Zhanna Yamaikina, the initiator and organizer of the action “Free a political prisoner”.
He explains that his is insulted by accusations and calls it all a lie. Speaking about the money, Dzyanisau promises to return it.

Let us remind you that the scandal started on Friday when it became known that the money people had been collecting to free Dzyanisau had disappeared. The former political prisoner is accused of being reluctant to return it. Later it turned out that civil organizations had already received their money back (about 5 thousand USD).

In her interview given to ERB Zhanna Yamaikina (also known as Petra) said she was going to make “a man” out of Dzyanisau and to make him keep his word and return the money.

Zhanna Yamaikіna: “I think we will try to settle this issue with him and we will discuss the problems he had encountered. It is necessary to talk to him and then we will probably be able to return the money. We will officially inform about it. I think the end of the action will be positive”.