Dzianisau: I have paid off part of the money


The European Radio for Belarus has reached Dzianis Szianisau, a youth activist who presently studies in Poland. Dzianisau emerged in the middle of a scandal after the news broke that the money collected from across Belarus in order to bail him out in spring went missing.

The raised money (around Br15.5 million) was withdrawn by Dzianisau from his personal account. He claims that he gave back almost all the money to people and organizations. He was still to refund over Br2 million, but he was robbed in Minsk.

“I have a stipend and I keep saving. Shortly, I will begin to pay this money back," Dzianisau said.

"But I am not going to do it through Zhana Jamaikina (she raised the issue in the internet). I have the list of people and I will pay the money directly".

Dzianisau said that the money was stolen during a fight with a group of hooligans.