Darafeeva: “I have done a lot to get the chance to be chosen for Eurovision”


ERB was the first to know and to inform Iryna Darafeeva that she has been included in the jury of the selection tour for Euroviison-2008. During the talk to the singer we had an impression that she was ready to go to Eurovision even tomorrow in spite of her membership in the jury. Maybe the membership could even be considered an obstacle. Trying to find out how many appeals for election tour have been sent ERB turned to a member of the steering committee Alyaksandr Tsihanovich.

He said he had to keep the information a secret and that the list of participants would be announced only after November 20. However the names of members of the jury were no secret.

Alyaksandr Tsіhanovіch: “The jury’s authority is doubtless. Its members are Mіhaіl Fіnberg, Vasіl Raіnchyk, Yadvіha Paplauskaya, Anatol Yarmolenka and Іryna Darafeeva. I can’t recall all the names”. ERB decided to find out whether Darafeeva’s jury membership meant that she would no go to Eurovision. However, it turned out that it was ERB that informed Darafeeva that she was a jury member.

Іryna Darafeeva: “Of course I will accept the offer if he was sure about it”.

Speaking about Eurovision, the singer mentioned that she could go there on condition she was exempt from the necessity to take part in the selection tour.

Іryna Darafeeva: “Speaking about our national selection tours I think that I have already shown my talent to the jury and Belarusian listeners so I can be selected for the contest”.

The Belarusian pop star thinks that such contests are only a way for young singers to make themselves popular. She does not need it.

Іryna Darafeeva: “I have no need for such additional advertisement. If some decision about my participation had been taken I would not refuse it. But I can’t understand why these selection tours are being organized every time”…

The thing that makes the singer indignant is the fact that the jury chooses a song, not a singer. As a result the singer sings some other song at Eurovision. It happened to Ahurbash, Smilava and Kaldun. If she is selected for Eurovision she will chose her song afterwards.

Іryna Darafeeva: “I don’t understand what I have to choose and what song I have to present. If they chose Darafeeva I will start looking for my song”.

However, the singer confessed that she would not have taken part in the selection tour even if she had chosen a song for her. The pop star also shared her opinion about the people able to represent Belarus at Eurovison-2008. They are Pyotr Yalfіmau, Ruslan Alyahno and… the duet of Kalduns.

Іryna Darafeeva: “It could be the duet of Kalduns – Heorhi has not participated in it yet. He could sing together with Dzima. It would be interesting: there was only one Kaldun and now there are two of them. Isn’t it a miracle? People would not forget it. That could be a good PR step without additional expenses”.

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