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China wants to rent 20 thousand hectares of Belarusian land

Archive photo: BELTA

The Chinese company DRex Food Group would like to rent 20 thousand hectares of land in Belarus. The company is planning to build dairy complexes there. The totals number of animals may reach 40 thousands, Belarusian Minister of Agriculture and Nutrition Leanid Zayats said.

Belarusian officials have offered plots in Klimavichy and Chavusy Districts of Mahilyou Region to China. The CEOs of the major Chinese companies DRex Food Group and Xinrongji Holding Group have paid a working visit to our country, BELTA reports. They can invest $1bn into the modernisation of existing enterprises and construction of new ones in Belarus, they said. If the project is a success, the sum will be increased, they promised.