BPF applies for meetings in Slutsk

The meetings are planned to be held in the city stadium on November 23 and 24 and will be dated for the anniversary of the Slutsk Uprising (1920). Slutsk authorities did not allow the meetings last year because some other event was to be held at the stadium. That is why is has been decided to apply for different days this year. “Officials will have a harder time inventing reasons why the stadium will be occupied,” the BPF press service quotes Vital Amyalkovich.

 The last authorized meeting in Slutsk was conducted by the BPF Party in 2011.

The Slutsk Uprising was an unsuccessful armed attempt to defend the independence of Belarus near Slsutsk in November and December 1920. Belarsuain military groups consisting of local villagers were trying to resist the Red Army for about a month.   

Photo: bymedia.net