Book on victims of communist regime to come out in Vitsebsk

The Tortured Memory, a 40-page compellation of materials about the tragic fate of the Vitsebsk region residents in the Soviet times, will be launched in late Novembe in Vitsebsk.  This is the first book in similar series. It contains articles from the local and central press.

It mentions a concentration camp created in 1919, a mass execution of the Poles and personal tragedies like the one of Karl Weinberg.

In 1989, over 17,000 people were rehabiliated in the Vitsebsk region, most of them post mortem.

The book was prepared by activists with the For Freedom movement and members of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy. Editor Tastyana Sevyarynets says further books will be more solid in size and content.

Historians report that authorities routinely deny access to archives associated with the information about the repressed citizens of Belarus.