Minsk court throws out complaint from 'bicycle dandies'


An unusual bicycle race was organized on August 17 when young men and women in trendy clothes and with the 1960s hairstyles rode through the city. The organizer of the event, Iryna, was handed a Br2 million fine staging an unauthorized mass action two weeks later.

This is a dangerous incident, lawyer from Lawtrend legal transfirmation center Alyaksei Kazlyuk said.

“Actually, you can fine organizers of any event including a wedding now,” he said.

You cannot say that organizing a bicycle race is a law violation, Kazlyuk reckons. Cyclists did not make any political announcements, did not demand anything and did not express their civic position.

The police learnt about the bicycle race from the Internet when they saw photos from the event there. Then they wrote reports about a law violation.

The organizers are thinking about further complaints now. They are set to file an appeal with the Supreme Court.

Photo: TUT.BY