Bernd Schtange: Belarusians drink too much


There is a problem of lifestyle in the Belarusian football, claimed the chief manager of Belarus national team Bernd Schtange at a meeting with students of Belarusian State University on February 27.

"I like it here. People are open and hospitable. There are a lot of quick football players. However, there is a problem of lifestyle. People drink too much alcohol here. Not everyone can claim that they are free from it”, - noted B.Schtange. According to the coach, he returned from Turkey with “some team” not long ago. “Players bought alcohol in the duty-free. I asked them: it is for you? The answer was: it’s for my parents. You can’t mix alcohol and professional sport”, - stressed B.Schtange.

The coach noted that, being a foreigner, he was irritated at many things in the Belarusian football. For example, the late air-time allocated to football matches and reviews “when schoolchildren are in bed”. B.Schtange thinks that it is necessary to publish more interesting articles about football and advertisements, to build new stadiums and to improve the qualification of specialists. There are six coaches having the highest FIFA qualification in Belarus, two of them are foreigners. There are two thousands of them working at all levels in Germany”, - claimed the German specialist.