Belarus government not to make November 8 a day-off


It is known that Belarus will not work on November 7. However, the government doesn't want Belarusians to rest for four days in a row - from Thursday through Sunday. It was announced back in October that Friday, November 8 would be an ordinary working day.

Euroradio asked Spokesperson for the Belarusian PM Volha Douhaya whether this decision would be reconsidered. According to her, this won't happen.

However, the website of the state company Minsk-Trans informs that a number of Minsk industrial enterprises interchanged the working days of November 2 and 8. In connection with that, the schedule of Minsk public transport was changed last Saturday. Also, Minsk plant named after Vavilov postponed the working day from November 8 till November 16.


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