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Belarusian FM spokesman: Kalinouski a major historical figure

Raman Pratasevich, Euroradio

Anatol Hlaz, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of Belarus, has commented to Nasha Niva on the situation with Kastus Kalinouski's remains. The remains of 21 insurgents of the 1863–1864 uprising, executed by the Russian authorities, were found in Vilna, on the Mount Gediminas, in early 2017. Almost all of the remains were identified, Kastus Kalinouski among them.

The reburial of the rebels in Vilna is scheduled for autumn. There was a danger that the inscriptions on their graves would be only in Lithuanian and Polish. All this was despite the fact that most of them come from Belarus. Lithuanian representatives complained about the lack of interest in the reburial from the side of Belarusian authorities. In addition, attempts are being made in Belarus to reconsider the role and significance of Kastus Kalinouski for Belarusian history. It prompted the appearance of the Belarusian Public Committee of the 1863-1864 Rebels Memory. Five hundred Belarusian public and cultural figures addressed the President of Lithuania.

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