Belarus to pay $1.6 million for Olympic medals


Belarusian Olympic medal winners will get $800 thousand from the state budget. It will be done “very soon”, the Ministry of Sport reports. Coaches will get the same sums.

The press service of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism told Euroradio:

"Darya Domracheva will get about $150 thousand for every gold medal and the same sum will be allocated to certain circles too.”

The circles include coaches and attendants. The money will be allocated according to their contribution in the sportsmen’s preparation for the Olympics.

It means that the state will pay $1 million 600 thousand to sportsmen and coaches. Belarusians won 5 gold medals (Darya Domracheva – 3, Ala Tsuper – 1 and Anton Kushnir - 1) and one bronze medal (Nadzeya Skardzina) in Sochi. The bonus for a gold medal is $150 thousand and $50 thousand – for a bronze medal.   

Photo: BELTA