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Belarus executes death-row convict again


Belarus has carried out yet another death penalty execution. 31-year-old Siamion Berazhny, one of the so called 'black realtors' in Mahilou, was executed by shooting, human rights defenders have learned from the family of the death-row convict.

“On 23 November, Berazhny's relatives received a letter from him asking his defense lawer to come. The letter was dated 17 November. Today [27 November - Euroradio], the lawyer came to visit but she was told the inmate "had been unavailable due to the sentence." In this country, it means that the person was executed," Head of the Human Rights Defenders Against Death Penalty campaign Andrei Paluda told Euroradio. "The relatives were in contact with the lawyer and passed this information to us."

Siamion Berazhny appealed his death penalty sentence at the UN Human Rights Council. However, Belarus chose not to wait for the outcome of this final legal remedy - just like in the other cases of death sentences.

This is the reply that Euroradio received on 2 November to a request to make an interview with death-row inmates Ihar Hershankou and Siamion Berazhny.

Apart from Siamion Berazhny, there was another convict sentenced to death penalty - 36-year-old Ihar Hershankou. His complaint was filed with the UN Human Rights Council. According to Andrei Paluda, Hershankou's mother was going to pass a parcek to her son this week.

“Possibly, she will go tomorrow. There has been no information [from Hershankou] for one month. As of today, we are not sure about his fate," Paluda said.