ATO fighter: Detained man real ex-fighter, could be agent or weirdo

The Belarus investigative committee disclosed the details about the armed man detained on November 26 at the railway station in Minsk. The man had come from Ukraine. There appeared photos of the seized items: a bulletproof vest, a homemade grenade, a Makarov pistol, several passports...

A criminal case has been launched for "illegal use of arms, ammunition and explosives."

The case caused a lot of questions. Could a real fighter, who had been in a combat zone for not more than one and a half months, pass that easily through the Belarusian border with arms and walk around the Minsk train station with a gun and in a bulletproof vest under his jacket?

Фото с сайта

The website published a picture of certificate stating that the detainee was involved in the fighting on the territory of Ukraine from October 6 this year. It is reported that the man is a 28-year-old native of Vitsebsk, he studied at the University of Navapolatsk.

We contacted the Right Sector directly with the question of whether the detainee was their fighter.

After our call, Artyom Skoropadsky, a spokesman for the organization, got in contact with the captain commander Volovik of the Task Force, where, according to the reference, the arrested man had been fighting. At the time of call, the commander of unit had no information about their soldier being detained. According to Skoropadsky, all the Belarusians fighting for the Right Sector were in the field of service. The press-secretary emphasized that the published certificate could easily be faked. Skoropadsky called all the information preliminary.

From anonymous sources Euroradio received a photo of the detainee at the railway station. We showed the photo to the Belarusian fighter taking part in the ATO on the side of Ukrainian troops. Unexpectedly, the source recognized the man in the picture.

Photo from and anonymous sources

"It's not fake, the guy really exists. He's from the Right Sector. "Nobody knew about his departure. We spoke, but no more than that. We avoided this man, because he behaved strangely. We had a joke about him: he was either a weirdo or an agent of the Belarusian special services. Or both," said the source.

Euroradio: Why did you suspect this man?

ATO fighter: He regularly visited Belarus in the short time that he was here. That was mostly why we were slightly afraid of him. To be honest, the photos of the weapons allegedly seized from him are very surprising. The Makarov pistol is a rarity. On the black market it costs more than $1,000. Our guys from the intelligence unit bought a similar gun. They had to look for it. You need to understand that it is much easier to find a machine or a submachine gun. A grand is crazy money! AKS-74 (small-size model of a Kalashnikov - Euroradio), for example, costs from 300 to 700 dollars. We believe that they could arrest him with the documents, but without weapons. And the rest was attached to the case.


Members of the Task Force Belarus, which is a part of the Right Sector, also identified the person in the photo:

"This is a fighter with the call sign Duk. He was not in the ranks of our division, so we cannot be responsible for his actions. That's all we can say for now."