Anti-terrorist operation in Sloviansk (photo, video)


"3 roadblocks created by illegal armed groupings in the south-east part of Sloviansk, Donetsk Oblast, have been liquidated during an anti-terrorist operation of the MIA and the Ministry of Defence,” the Ukrainian MIA press service reports. “Up to 5 terrorists have been eliminated during armed clashes. One soldier has been wounded during the anti-terrorist operation.”

Leaflets urging citizens to stay calm, try to stay indoors and not to allow children leave home without parents, not to yield to provocations and not to fulfil illegal orders of the self-declared illegal authorities were distributed during the operation, the Ministry of Defence reports.

The Ukrainian Army seized a separatist roadblock in Kharkiv highway not far from Sloviansk at about 12 p.m.

"3 people from the self-defence group were killed in the skirmish. Strangers shot at journalists but no reporters were wounded,” notes.

The roadblock is controlled by Ukrainian military men now.

‪Tire casings are burning near Sloviansk mixed fodder plant. Mobile communication is functioning irregularly.

Tension is growing in Sloviansk. Helicopters are circling above the city. They seem to be controlling the movement of the troops, Slavgorod reports.

Ukrainian APCs are approaching the city from different directors, witnesses say.

People living in the outskirts can hear shots.

A skirmish has started neat the village of Kretsishche, press secretary of Sloviansk People’s Volunteer Corps Stella Khorosheva said. The building of the Executive Committee has been emptied, people have been sent home.

By Ukrainian Pravda.