Action “Solidarity at cordon” takes place at Ukrainian-Belarusian border


A field action of solidarity with Belarusian victims of political repressions is taking place in Ukraine today. It is called ‘Solidarity at cordon”.
Participants of the action, Ukrainians from Kiev and Chernigov, have organized an information picket at a check-point at the Ukrainian-Belarusian border in Chernigov District near the international high-way Kiev-Minsk.

According to the UCP press service, party activists Vital Stazharau and Alyaksandr Serhyaenka had set off for the action but were detained by Belarusian customs officers.

The picket is aimed at providing impartial information about the problem of human rights in Belarus. It takes place near the check-up post where travelers have to stop for a while, reports