75-year-old woman deliberately infects three men with HIV

A criminal case for deliberate distribution of HIV was started against a 75-year-old woman in Hrodna Province in September. Three men were infected by her, reports a Hrodna blog s13. By the way, the pensioner has been supervised by the police for a long time. She has already been subjected to administrative responsibility for hooliganism.

It is the fourth criminal case of the kind started in Hrodna Province in the last three years. 

50 new HIV-positives were registered in the province in the first 10 months of the year (33 cases were registered in the same period last year). On the whole, there were 418 registered HIV-positives as of November 1.
The first HIV-positive was registered in Dzyatlau District in August 2009. Now there are infected people in 17 out of 18 districts of Hrodna Province. The majority of HIV-positives live in Lida (223), Hrodna (62) and Slonim (39).