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6 roubles a day: Belarus Army rations cheaper than prison food

Photo: Syarhei Hudzilin

The state is planning to spend BYN 45 million on soldiers’ rations in 2019, the Ministry of Defence noted in the public procurement tender.

Screenshot: Euroradio

The Ministry of Defence is going to spend BYN 21.8 million on the rations of 9950 soldiers serving in Minsk and Minsk Region. If you divide the sum by the number of soldiers and 365 days you will see that a daily soldier’s ration costs BYN6 ($3). You get the same sum in the other regions.

Is it really true? It is… impossible to calculate the cost of soldiers’ rations, the press service of the Ministry of Defence told Euroradio.

“It is unlikely that you could calculate it per person,” spokesperson of the Ministry of Defence Uladzimir Makarau said. “This is the standard ration that has as many calories as NATO rations. This is the only thing I can confirm.”

The Ministry of Defence has announced the tender because the Belarusian Army is going to gradually switch to using the public catering instead of army cooks. It will let improve the quality of soldiers’ food. Soldiers will not get distracted from training either. Public catering organizations provide soldiers with meals in 70% of military units now.