"$10 thousand for giving birth to a child? Sounds good!" (audio)

On October 8, Alyaksandr Lukashenka announced his intention to support young families after giving birth to the first child by opening bank accounts for $10 thousand for them. Euroradio decided to hold a street poll to find out how stimulating it would be for the citizens.

The first youngster whom Euroradio approached with a microphone turned out to be gay! That's what we call a success! The youngster answered that, despite his convictions, he can't imaging a child growing in a non-traditional family. So, he couldn't take part in our poll.

"Forever?" another youngster, whom we stopped at Mikhailauski Square, got surprised. When he found out that no one would take these $10 thousand away, and that it will be paid for having your own baby, he agreed.

"No. The Bible tells that children are blessings. This is a God's gift, not some business. Therefore, a child should be born in a marriage, with no money involved... This is a trade!" a girl strongly objected to the idea.

"No. I can't say I lack money!" the next respondent said in a laconic way.

The following respondents had the same opinion:

"I would give birth to a child with no money. However, I do not object being given $10 thousand!"

"For me, children and money are different, polar things. I wouldn't have a baby only if someone promises me $10 thousand for this," another guy answered.

"This seems an attractive offer, as a child needs raising. I would agree, but the question is, whether the second party would agree!"

"I would like the desire to have a baby to appear because of love, not because of money."

Photo: www.motto.net.ua.