Kurapaty row: Restaurant owner ready to invest $100k into memorial

Зайдэс гатовы ўкласці сто тысяч долараў у "Курапаты" і змяніць фармат рэстарана

Owner of the restaurant in Kurapaty Leanid Zaides met with the BPF Party leader Ryhor Kastusyou and American lawyer Yuras Zyankovich on June 22. Zaides contacted him with the help of friends, Kastusyoiu said. 

The businessman suggested three variants of settling the conflict in Kurapaty.

— the owner is ready to sell the complex to  representatives of the civil society who will use the construction their own way,

— the owner is ready to invest $100 thousand into the Kurapaty memorial and change the formant of the complex from entertainment to family,

— the owner is ready to give one of the restaurant buildings to host the Kurapaty museum and put the building on balance of a civil or political organization. It will be fenced off from the complex, Zaides will pay the utility bills and change the format of the entertainment complex to a family one.

"It would be great to use the opportunity and change the complex into a memorial. However, I understand that representatives of the democratic community are unlikely to have the money to buy it and change it into a memorial. If there is such a person or a group of people who would like to invest into the complex, it would be ideal,” Kastusyou told Euroradio.  

A meeting of the restaurant owners, Kurapaty defenders and the authorities has been appointed for June 29.