Young Front co-leader Andrei Tsanyuta expelled from university

The co-leader of the Young Front registered in the Czech Republic got to know about his expulsion on May 23, BelaPAN reports.

Tsanyta was a third-year external jurisprudence student. The rector explained that he had been expelled for ‘systematic law violations according to the Education Code and internal regulations’. The reasons for the expulsion were Homel Central District Court and Homel Chyhunachny District Court’s decisions of April 17 and May 6.

Tsanyuta and his companions were detained on April 17 for laying flowers on Homel ‘ground zero’ in memory of the people who had died in Kiev. The court pronounced a warning back then.

Tsanyuta was returned guilty of ‘swearing and disobedience to the police’ on May 6. The young man was jailed for 10 days. It was a preventive detention before the Ice Hockey World Championship in Minsk, the youth activist claimed.

Tsanyuta had no problems with his studies. He is going to consult lawyers and appeal the expulsion in court if possible.