Young anti-fascists stand trial in Minsk


A group of young anti-fascists, detained yeasterday near the Russian embassy, on October 8 appeared in Minsk's Central District court.

The European Radio for Belarus reported earlier that some 50 young people took part on Sunday in the unauthorized protest near the Russian embassy in Minsk. They were holding a poster saying "No to Fascism!" and the portraits of four people killed by neo-Nazi in Russia.

The youth were demanding to put a stop to racial killings in the neighboring country. Five minutes into the action, the protest was dispersed by police. Four people -- Vadzim Lugin, Pavel Krynevich, Yauhen Shymanski and a girl named Lera -- were detained.

They had to spend the night in a police custody.

Vadzim Lugin was sentenced to three days of administrative arrest.