A. Yaskova: Liquidation of “Nadzeya” will not put an end to our civil activities

The Supreme Court of Belarus liquidated the women’s party “Nadzeya” on October 11. It satisfied the appeal of the Ministry of Justice that found a number of violations in the activities of the party. It is reported that the decision cannot be appealed. The European Radio for Belarus asked the leader of the women’s party Alena Yaskova to comment on it:

“It cannot influence our civil, humane and women’s activities - we are fighting for a constitutional state and the future of our children.

The court’s decision is a traditional one – unjust, not corresponding to the situation and biased. The pattern is like that – the higher the instance is the more unjust decisions you get”.

Alena Yaskova claimed that it was a political decision. The party adopted its new documents in July and everything corresponded to the demands of the Ministry of Justice at that moment. However, they appeared again now.

Yaskova thinks that the liquidation of “Nadzeya” will also affect the Union of left-wing parties because it was its member. The complaint about the refusal to register the Union will also be considered by the Supreme Court but the case was suspended in order to close the case of the women’s party.

Let us remind you that “Nadzeya”’s existence stopped during the ill-fate 13th year since its foundation.