Yarmoshyna wins "Sexist of the Year-2010" internet-award


Russian initiative group "For Feminism" has declaed the laureates of the "Sexist of the Year" award. The award is given for the most offensive statements in public which can be considered demonstration of sexism.

Voting on three nominations has taken at the initiative group's web-site - "Sexist of the Year" (individual trial for competition), "Sexist Advertisement of the Year" (team trial for competition), "Special Award for Women for Anti-Feminine Statements".

The Belarusian Central Election Commission's Chairperson Lidzia Yarmoshyna has won in the last nomination with an unprecedented prevailence with regard both to the number of voters (3002 people) and the percentage (90%). She has been nominated for her famous statement at the press-conference upon the election results: “…these women have nothing to do. They'd better stay at home and cook borshch that wander round the squares”. 

The organizers of the voting have decided that the Chairperson of the Belarusian CEC promotes the sexist stereotypes that a woman's duty is to be in the kitchen, not in politics. “This sounds especially cynical taking into consideration the whole situation: women were brutally beaten by riot policemen at the demonstration in Minsk, as well as men”, — summarize the organizers of the voting. 

The organizers will present Lidzia Yarmoshyna an aluminium pot as an award.  "We are sure that the award sponsored by Belarusians - an aluminium pot made in Belarus - is a rather bright illustration of what the citizens think of a woman who dares to say things like this: she deserves to be sent off to the kitchen instead of being a Chairperson of the Central Election Commission" - say the organizers of the voting.

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photo: zafeminizm