Will ticket collectors not be able to fine ticketless policemen?


ERB found out that ticket collectors from “Minsktrans” were waiting for instructions concerning their actions when policemen refuse to pay the fare.
As ERB informed, ticket collectors will only be able “to ask” a stowaway to leave the passenger compartment or draw a protocol against them if they agree to it. A ticket collector does not have the right to detain ticketless passengers anymore. Who should fine ticketless policemen who also lost their right for traveling without fares on December 17?

At first we asked “Minsktrans” about it. They do not know “what to do about them” yet and are waiting for the Ministry to give them explanations:

“Speaking about the police… Nobody can explain us what to do about them …

The issue is being discussed now. The head of the inspectorate is consulting the Ministry of Education and is sending letters asking to explain it”.

The head of the city transport control department of “Minsktrans” Anatol Dzemidovich is also waiting for explanations. He could not answer us what should be done with ticketless policemen:

“They will stick to the instructions they receive…”

(ERB): What are they doing now?
(Dzemіdovіch): They are doing all right.
(ERB): What do you mean by “all right”?
(Dzemіdovіch): All right.

When we wondered if ticket collectors could fine a ticketless policeman, Anatol Dzemidovich asked:

- Will you fine a policeman?

And then he added:

“By the way, policemen cannot be fined; they have their own disciplinary standards”.

The deputy head of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Aleh Slepchanka could not answer for all policemen but said that all benefits had been cancelled on December 17 and noted that he had started paying fares:

“Go to the underground and watch whether policemen are paying fares. I cannot answer for everyone. According to the law, all benefits were cancelled on December 17. I buy tickets and tokens, I cannot answer for others but I think they are doing it according to the law.

This issue will be discussed in the national press-centre on December 27”.

Slepchanka also reminded that there was a decree of the Ministry according to which policemen would get a compensation for official use of their personal cars.

The deputy director of exploitation of Minsk autopark #5 Edvard Chabrouski says he has no information about ticketless policemen:

“I have not received such information this week. Probably it happened somewhere, but people I talked to never mentioned anything like that”.

He assured us that ticket collectors were informed about everything – they know that policemen have lost their benefits:

“We have given them a list of those who have benefits. All those who are not on the list must pay fares”.

A ticket collector has the right to fine a ticketless policeman but, according to Edvard Chabrouskі, they need to use this right:

“They have the right to do it but you should understand that it is necessary to use this right. A passenger may refuse to pay … You wouldn’t force them to pay the fare”.

The Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affaires informed ERB that cadets were using special references to travel by public transport. When we reminded them about the cancellation of benefits they still answered that cadets did not pay fares:

“Our cadets are supplied with everything. Besides studies, they have to serve, so they do not pay any fares”.