Will Prime Minister Sidorski bring half a billion dollars to Moscow?


A meeting of Prime Ministers of Belarus and Russia will take place on Monday, July 30. Syarhei Sіdorskі and Mіhaіl Frodkov are going to discuss the cooperation of both countries in the field of energy. The debt for Russian gas which has not been paid by Belarus yet will probably be the main topic of the meeting.

According to different sources, the sum varies from 400 to 500 millions. The “Komsomolskaya pravda v Belarusi” newspaper reminds that “the government has the money”.

“Gazprom” paid 625 million USD for 12.5% of “Beltransgaz”’s shares in May.  Moreover, the money paid by Belarusian enterprises for Russian gas is still on the accounts of the National Bank. But it is Belarusian rubles, not USD.

Furthermore, a Belarusian economist Yaraslau Ramanchuk thinks that taking half a billion dollars out of the national economy may lead to the depreciation of the national currency.