Will Prime Minister Sidorski be dismissed so that Navumau can take his post? – “Kommersant”


The Belarusian leader has decided to dismiss the Prime Minister Syarhey Sidorski. A Moscow newspaper “Kommersant” has informed about it today.
According to the sources of the edition, the order is already signed (it was signed last week) and will be announced within the next few days. It is said that the new head of the government “will have to start privatization on a much larger scale”.

“Kommersant” mentions several reasons for the dismissal of Sidorski: the usual rotation of the staff, failures in the economic policy of the government and in negotiations with Russian gas and financial companies.

It is noted that the Minister of Internal Affaires Uladzimir Navumau can become a possible successor to the post of Sidorski. It is also said that the main criterion for choosing the new Prime Minister who will have to supervise privatization was the absence of corruptibility.