Who will go to Eurovision?


The main organizer of Eurovision in our country Alyaksandr Tsihanovich confirmed to ERB that the term for sending applications for the contest had been prolonged for one week – till November 27. He refuted rumours about the fact that Belarus asked Philippe Kirkorov for help again. The headliner of the selection tour is Ruslan Alyahno. Who else has sent applications?
Hanna Sharkunova will sing in a duet with Herman Tsitou this year. Hanna calls the song “We will be together” a great song”:

“In fact, we have not finished recording it yet. If it gets into in the selection tour we will get ready. It is a “Great” song. I call it a “Song” because it lets you show the beauty and the compass of your voice. There is dramatic art in it”.

Hanna agreed to sing a small passage for us:

“…The sky hears us, and, probably,
We will be the first one day,
Even on the other side of the Moon,
We will be the first one day.
The sky hears us…”

Finalists of the past year “The projekt” are in a strange situation: they have a song but they don’t have a vocalist to sing it. The band organized a casting a week ago but they haven’t chosen anyone yet. According to Bahrat, the song sticks to the band’s tradition:

“The song is similar to “Super star” from the previous Eurofest. It is based on questions”.

We haven’t managed to persuade Bahrat into singing us a passage from the song. However, the musician read us a passage aloud:

“…What would you wish if you saw a falling star?
What would you wish if you saw a star and a silvery flash touched your eyes?
What would your only wish be,
What wish could make you happy?
If your dream came true would you say that you got everything you wanted?
Imagine that your dream came true,
Would you need one more falling star then?
What would your only wish be,
A wish that could make you happy?..”

Alesya will not take part in the selection tour. At first she said that it was hard and time-consuming work. Then she claimed that it was simply a contest for people willing to satisfy their ambition:

Alesya: “I have never applied for it and I’m not going to. It is hard and time-consuming work. Why people go to Eurovision? They want to satisfy their ambition, or they want to be noticed if they are just starting in show business. I need neither at the moment”.

The most interesting thing was whether the elder Kaldun (Heorhi) was going to Eurovision. There were rumours that he was going to be promoted by Yana Rutkouskaya (Bilan’s producer) and Kirkorov. However, according to Zhora, those were only rumours, Rutkousakaya didn’t talk to him:

“I do not treat Eurovision seriously. A person has to do four things in his or her lifetime: to plant a tree, to build a house, to raise a son and to represent Belarus at Eurovision. The chance that I will not participate in the election tour this year is 70%”.

Photo by — rin.ru