In which Minsk clubs will it be possible to watch BATE-Ventspils match?


BATE will play the second qualification match of the Champions League in Barysau on August 5. Its rival will be Latvian “Ventspils”. Naturally, all fans will not fit in the stadium in Barysau.
It will be possible to watch the match not only lying on a sofa at home but also in bars accompanied by other fans. For example, such cafes as “Millennium”, “Overtime”, “Jamaica”, “Apple” and dozens of others are planning to show the match in Minsk. You only have to book a table in advance.

“We think that it will be broadcasted but phone us a day before the match, please, - warns a Minsk bar Pub Club Mixx. —  We have such beer as “Guinness”, “Kozel”, “Pauliner” and “Pilsner”. On average, it costs 13 or 14 thousands. We also have “Alivaria”.

Let us remind you that Latvian players won the first match – 1:0. So everything will be decided in Barysau.