Wall cracks found in 7 schools of Magiliou region

The Commission has completed a preliminary review of the schools in Magilyou region - experts have found issues with 7 schools where additional research will be conducted. But there is no danger the walls will collapse. Euroradio learned it from the local education department. 

"Defects that require suspension of operation have not been revealed. To eliminate defects, additional instrumental examination will be conducted, its results will become the basis for the development of design and estimate documentation." 

Experts examined all school areas similar to Krychau, issues were found with seven of them, but the details weren't revealed not to breed panic. The main issue with those schools - cracks in the walls. According to experts, there is no danger to the students. 

It should be recalled that it was decided to survey the schools in Magiliou region after the collapse of the gymnasium in Krychau. Fortunately, it occurred on August 29, a few days before the start of the school year, and the building was empty. A few more schools in the area of the same design that the gymnasium in Krychau. All of them have passed inspection. In Magiliou these are schools 32, 33, 34 and 35. 

Principal of the Magiliou school 33 says no issues were found with their school. 

"People from the commission came to us. They walked across the courtyard of the school, they didn't even enter the building. And our school has never drawn any  criticism. School was built in 1979, but when the commission came, there were no issues found with building." 

Euroradio was told that  the commission of 8 people came to the schools 32 and 34, it inspected the whole school and took photos. 

Euroradio learnt  that schools of the same type as Krychau gymnasium (designs of 1975-1983) have one thing in common. Water from the roof drains there through the pipe inside the wall. 

For example, in school 34 of Magiliou you cannot even see the pipe. The principal explains that the pipe goes inside the wall directly into the sewer system and doesn't come out. There has been no overhaul of the school since it was built, but the school is in turn. 

The school 32 pipe goes inside the wall, but the drain pipe does come out. The photo shows the place where the pipe comes out, it was repaired - plastered with concrete. 

All of these schools received the certificate of readiness for the academic year. But then the commissions had no claims. Why? Euroradio has found out that there were no representatives of construction companies in those commissions. Therefore, the design of the building is visually checked by the building owners themselves. 

"The structure of the building can be checked only by specialized organizations. But you should understand that this way it's necessary each year to hire an organization to ensure all schools in the country are safe... Firstly, they will not cope - Euroradio is told in one of the departments of Architecture and Construction. - Secondly, it is not free and not cheap."

Now seven "problematic" schools will be checked by specialists for money. The main issue is cracks in the walls. They will be observed and investigate in more detail. If there is no danger of them getting bigger, they will filled to avoid moisture or they will be strengthened. 

Opposite the principal's office 

And this is school 34