Voluntary marathon in support of Belarusian fighters in Ukraine held in Minsk

У Мінску прайшоў дабрачынны марафон дапамогі беларускім байцам ва Украіне

The voluntary marathon “Help Belarusian Soldiers” was organized in Minsk on January 24. Its organizers were raising money for Belarusians fighting on the side of the official Ukrainian authorities in Donets Basin. The action as initiated by Zmitser Dashkevich, member of the Young Front Seim (registered in the Czech Republic).


People donated $1165 during the marathon, Dashkevich told BelaPAN. The sum consists of direct donations and the money made on auctioning four paintings by Mihail Anempadystau and Natallya Bordak.


The sum may reach 2000 dollars because four more paintings are going to be sold this week, Dashkevich said.


50 people took part in the voluntary marathon held at the BPF Party headquarters.


Dashkevich decided to donate 25% of his monthly wages to Belarusians fighting in Ukraine. Young Front activists Eduard Lobau and Vasil Parfyankou are also fighting on behalf of Kiev authorities in Ukraine.