Viktar Sheiman

Emmerson Mnangagwa, the president of Zimbabwe, and Viktor Sheiman in Minsk / BelTA

Thanks to the 'Pandora Papers', it has become finally clear who is behind the 'Zimbabwe project' in Belarus.

Viktar Sheiman and Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa /

A power plant, an agro complex, machinery supplies, and a "dry port" -- what else?

Among the main beneficiaries are Mikalai Varabey and Lukashenka's Administrative Office / collage by Euroradio 

Some of the beneficiaries are Lukashenka's associates.

Zingman detained at Lubumbashi airport /still from video​

Alyaksandr Zingman and Aleh Vodchyts were arrested at the airport of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The administration headed by Viktar Sheiman, Lukashenka's longtime friend​, owns hundreds of buildings.

The EU sanctions are not so scary for presidential administration because it earns a significant amount of money inside Belarus.

Exercises at the special training center, where special forces were trained /​

And it stopped hiding: now Alyaksandr Myatla owns GardService. It is the name of Viktar Sheiman's close friend.

Delegation from Africa at the Minsk Tractor Plant /​

The government says this is promising. But in reality, the cooperation is fragile.

Belarusian Special Forces / Reuters

GardServis, whose employees were allowed to use weapons by Lukashenka, is linked to mining in Zimbabwe.