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Norwegian press: Bjørndalen to be part of Team Belarus at PyeongChang Olympics


Norwegian biathlete Ole Einar Bjørndalen will be part of Belarus national team at PyeongChang Olympics, according to the interview the eight-time Olympic champion gave to the Norwegian news magazine VG.

It was a blow not to be included in Norway's Olympic team, Bjorndalen confessed. He was so stressed out that he could not train normally and refused to take part in the European Cup.

His wife and Belarus and international women's biathlon star Darya Domracheva and his daughter have helped him get over the disappointment, he said. Biorndalen will travel to PyeongChang at the end of January. He will be part of Team Belarus but in the first place part of Team Bjørndalens, the biathlete noted.  

Her husband’s support will be key at the Olympic Games, three-time 2014 Sochi Olympic champion Darya Domarcheva told journalists earlier. 

Domracheva and Bjørndalen are currently at home. They will set off for South Korea on January 31.