Ecomedservice case: metalworker interrogated

The metalworker of Belmedtechnika service centre said that he had left the oxygen supply tap open, reports.

The hearing of Yuliya Kubarava’s death case (25-year-old Hrodna inhabitant) sated on January 9. She died after a nose job in Minsk medical centre Ecomedservice in spring 2013. Ecomedservice director general Halina Valzhankina, chief engineer Uladzimir Lihuta and anaesthetist Alyaksandr Shurau are standing trial.

Witnesses are being interrogated in Minsk October District Court. A co-founder of Ecomedservice, 32-year-old Alyaksandr Kayava, is one of them. Head of the board of founders Uladzimir Kayava will also be interrogated.