Unsold fir trees are sent to orphanages


How many pink spice-cakes and golden cones do Belarusian need for New Year’s Day? ERB decided to find out how many presents producers of candies were preparing for us on the eve of the holiday and where all unsold New-Year tree decorations and fir-trees were supposed to be sent to. The commercial department of GUM informed us that almost all goods were usually sold before New Year’s Day and the remaining items were returned to their producers:

“If it is possible to return goods to the supplier and to mention it in the contract we do it and return all unsold goods. The supplier normally preserves them till the next New Year. But about 90% of all goods are usually sold”.

Sweet presents were available starting from September. The confectionary plant “Kammunarka” has prepared more than a million gifts this year. A sales engineer Maria says:

“We have started a New Year campaign on September 28. And it will last till December 31. It usually comes to naught after December 20. We practically finish it before Christmas. But if there is something left we sell the goods till December 31. If some goods are still left, what happens to them? They return to the plant from shops and are preserved there”.

What happens to unsold fir-trees? ERB has found out that they were distributed to orphanages. A seller Valyantsin Sycheunik says:

“We order 15 cubic metres of fir-trees. As a rule, a third is not sold. We send them to orphan-asylums or other children’s institutions after the working day ends on December 31”.

ERB staff and I, Vitalina Hrahouskaya, wish you a Happy New Year!