Politician tortured and drowned alive in eastern Ukraine


Rybak is one of the victims found dead in the River Torets near Raigorodok, Donetsk Oblast, Ukrainian Interior Ministry confirmed. Both victims were tortured and drowned alive when they were unconscious, Ukrainian Pravda reports referring to human rights defenders.

According to the witness who reported the fact to the police, unknown people abducted Gorlovka City Council member Vladimir Rybak on April 17. He was pushed into a car and driven away by a group of people wearing camouflage and masks.

Rybak had been actively participating in the meeting For United Ukraine in front of Gorlovka City Council before the abduction. The deputy headed for the building in order to meet the Mayor. According to some sources, he wanted to take down the flag of the so-called Donetsk Republic from the building. But he could not enter the building – separatists wouldn’t let him do it. The Ukrainian MIA accuses separatists of Rybak’s abduction.

Photo: gorlovka.ua