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UK embassy: Russia-UK diplomatic row will not affect visas for Belarusians


The unfolding diplomatic crisis between Russia and the United Kingdom will not create inconveniences for Belarus citizens seeking to obtain UK visas. 

Earlier, visa applications from Belarusians were reviewed by the consular section of the UK Embassy in Moscow. The current expulsion of a huge number of British diplomats could seriously delay the process. But the UK Embassy in Minsk has assured Euroradio that visas for Belarusians are issued in Warsaw. "We began doing from Warsaw before the [Russia-UK] row. Belarusians have nothing to worry about," the UK Embassy said.

Applications for some visa categories, like education in Great Britain, are anyway reviewed in the UK.

The relations between the West and Russia rapidly deteriorated after the poisoning on 4 March in London of Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

The UK has blamed the nerve gas attack against the former Russian spy on Moscow and expelled 23 Russian diplomats from London. Moscow has responded with a reciprocal action.

Over 20 countries of the world expelled various numbers of Russian diplomats in solidarity with the UK. At the same time, one third of European countries did not act against Russia in this diplomatic row.