Two focuses of African swine fever recorded in Belarus

According to Interfax-West, the disease outbreak in Vitsebsk region has been confirmed. The Rosselnadzor has informed this with a reference to the Belarusian colleagues. The Department of Veterinary and Food Control of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food has told this later.

On July 1, the Department of Veterinary and Food Control of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food has stated that the export of pork from Vitsebsk region was suspended due to "increased level of swine disease" in "Luchesa" branch of Vitsebsk Bread Products Factory. We see, the African swine fever virus has been confirmed to appear there, too.

Last week, Minister of Agriculture Leanid Zayats informed that there occurred an outbreak of the disease on June 21 at the territory of the village of Chapun, Iuye district. It was localized by June 25. They continue to confiscate the people's swine at the territory of up to 40 kilometers away from the borders of the hotbed of disease - in Karelichy, Navahradak, Staubtsy and Valozhyn districts.

However, the other day there appeared information about the swine liquidation in one of the Baranavichy district villages. Now, they say about Dzyatlava district which has no borders with Iuye district.

According to Leanid Zayats, this is the first time that Belarus came across the problem of the African swine fever, so we actively use the experience of other European countries. The Republican Headquarters has been created in Belarus, headed by Vice-PM Mikhail Rusy. The Headquarters "is reacting operatively to the situation and taking the necessary decisions".

The African swine fever - is a viral disease of domestic and wild swine. It is transmitted by direct contacts between sick and healthy animals, pork products, ticks and mechanically (by traffic during the animals' transportation). No vaccine has been invented yet. Almost all sick animals die. The animals with suspected cases are liquidated. The disease is not dangerous for humans.