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Tsikhanouskaya's team meets with representatives of Meta, TikTok, and Google

They discussed helping Belarusian bloggers and media / sample photo

In Copenhagen, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya and her team met with representatives of Meta, TikTok, Microsoft and Google. According to Tsikhanouskaya's adviser Franak Vyachorka, they talked about ways to promote independent content and block propaganda.

We will continue to discuss with the representative of TikTok how to promote Belarusian videos, and help Belarusian bloggers and media.

We've talked to the Google representative about the possibility to monetize the Belarusian-language videos. They promised to work on this. They also talked about a separate segment for Belarus in the Google products (formerly Belarus was tied to Russia) and the need for a separate office for Belarus.

When it came to propaganda on Facebook and Instagram, the Belarusians were assured that most of the videos and accounts had already been blocked. But such work will continue.

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