Train tickets to Russia to become 50% cheaper after February 10

The prices for train tickets to Russia will be decreased by 50% starting from February 10, senior deputy head of the passenger service of the Belarusian railways Andrei Kashko announced.

The lower prices will be in force until the end of 2015 under an agreement between the heads of Belarusian and Russian railways, he said.

The 50% discount will apply to all types of carriages, Kashko noted. For example, the tickets from Minsk to Moscow will decrease in price by Br200 thousand – 1 million depending on the carriage type. Additional discounts will be added depending on the day of ticket purchase and on passengers’ accommodation in carriages, etc.

The current decrease is caused by high ticket prices, the representative of the Belarusian Railways confessed. “We are not competitive anymore with such prices,” the specialist stated.