Tractor plant to be suspended for three days


It is not connected with the problem of paying the wages. The reason for it is the celebration of November 7. The deputy director general of the plant Chaslau Fedarovich has informed ERB about it. Information about the plant stopping its work from November 3 till November 11 appeared at the end of the last week. It was noted that the reason for the suspension was delay of wages and repletion of warehouses.

ERB phoned the deputy director general of the plant Chaslau Fedarivish. According to him, the enterprise is overladen with orders and has no problems with paying wages.

Chaslau Fedarovіch: “The tractor plant is working according to its business plan, we are oveladen with orders. We have no problems with paying wages”.

Nobody knows about problems with paying wages in the Trade Union of workers of the car, tractor and agricultural engineering industry.

“Everything is ok. We have no information about any delays in paying wages there”.

Chaslau Fedarovіch refuted the information about the fact that the plant will suspend its work till November 11.

“November 7 is a state holiday. It turned out that November 3 and 4 are Saturday and Sunday, then November 5 and 6 are working days, November 7 is a day off, 8 and 9 – working days and 10 and 11 – days off. So we decided that the plant will not be working from November 3 till November 7, that is for five days. Two days – November 5 and 6 will be transferred to Saturdays – November 10 and 24”.

According to Fedarivich, not all workers will be able to have a rest during these days off.

Chaslau Fedarovіch: “Our repair departments will have to continue repair works and reconstruction of production sectors during the five days”.

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