Tianjin blast – worst non-nuclear explosion in history

Two blasts occurred in the docks of Tianjin, China on the night of August 12. The explosion yield of the first blast was 3 tons of TNT and of the second one – 21. It has already been called the heaviest non-nuclear blast in history. The explosion was registered by seismologists and it could also be seen from space.

50 people have been killed. About 700 people have been injured.  60 people are in a serious condition now.

The blast wave broke windows in buildings situated several kilometers away from the spot. The buildings situated near the docks were destroyed.

 Thousands of cars that were stored near the docks burnt down. 1500 cars have been destroyed, Renault reports.

About 100 firemen and 140 fire-engines spent the whole night trying to put out the fire.

Photo: Imaginechina, Splash News, ChinaFotoPress, Getty Images, Reuters, Action Press, Vida Press, AP, Scanpix, Sipa USA, REX, Xinhua, AFP, Chinatopix