There would be no Belarus without Kolas: Tychyna


Solemn celebrations to mark the 125th birthday anniversary of Belarus's People's Poet Yakub Kolas today took place at the Philarmonic Hall in Minsk. The function was attended by the poet's relatives, scientists, representatives of the government and members of the public.
Mikhas Tychyna, a renown Belarusian literature researcher who was at the event said to the European Radio for Belarus:.

"We know about the times when Kolas created his works and lived. This makes us feel even more the price of what he did. Without Kolas and Kupala, we cannot realize themselves as Belarusians. Would we be Belarusians if these two great poets were not there?!”

Tychyna also noted that today's event completes the jubilee year devoted to the birthday anniversaries of the grand Belarusian poets Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas.