TEO to represent Belarus at Eurovision-2014 with Cheesecake song


14 contestants took part in the Eurovision-2014 selection tour final in Belarus.

The duo of Maks Lorens and Valery DiDyuLya got most viewers’ points (over 8 thousands). They were followed by Nuteki and TEO (Yury Vashchuk).

Then every jury member named their favourites for the first time in the history of Belarusian Eurovision election tours. It used to be a secret before. The top-3 jury favourites were TEO, Janet and Switter Boys.

Maks Lorens, winner of the voting, and TEO, winner of the final, received Belarusian watches as prizes.

By the way, Alyaksandr Saladuha who confused the whole Belarus by his promo did not take part in the contest and was just an invited star. The singer presented his new hit My Woman there. Previous Eurovision candidates also took part in the concert – Alyona Lanskaya, Palina Smolava, Ruslan Alyahno, Gunesh. There were participants of previous selection tours among them – Vital Varanko, Biatris, SGband and others.

TEO (Yury Vashchuk) is a singer and author of sings, soloist of the State Concert Orchestra directed by Mihail Finberg and author and presenter of the TV programme Back to the Past on Belarus-2.

Photo: BELTA